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Powder foundation is an underrated product and it will change your whole makeup routine. Full coverage is achievable. Yes, you heard that right! The things that are so magical about powder foundation is that it is mess-free, lightweight, and has buildable coverage. The best part is it applies so quickly and easily, so it’s amazing if you are always on the go.

With these steps and tips, you will master powder foundation and find yourself implementing it into your everyday routine!

1. Always Prep your Skin

No matter what products you use, this is the key part of every makeup routine if you are looking for longevity and flawless application. Start with a freshly cleansed base, prep with toner, moisturize generously, and follow up with a primer!

2. Conceal if Needed  

Choose the shade that best matches your skin. Run the concealer under any dark circles or blemishes. Go back under your eyes with a concealer 1-2 shades lighter to highlight if needed. Remember when concealing, a little goes a long way!

3. Brushes Matter

The denser the brush, the more coverage. Try a dense kabuki brush if you are wanting full coverage. Use a fluffy powder brush if you are just needing to lightly brush over. Experiment with a dry or wet beauty sponge as well!  

Note: After you’ve applied your powder foundation, this is the perfect time to finish your face routine of blush, bronzer, highlight, etc.

4. Spray or Skip

Lastly, to achieve a dewy or luminous finish, douse your skin in your favorite setting spray. Want to keep it matte? Skip the spray!



Voila! You are out the door within 10-15 minutes tops. Powder foundation has become one of my favorite products in my makeup routine and I always find myself going back. Make it natural or make it glam. Most importantly, make it yours!


Convinced? I have curated a list of great powder foundations for all skin tones, types, and finishes. Find your perfect match!

Full Coverage Powder Foundations:


Light Coverage Powder Foundation:


Powder foundation is a versatile and effortless product. It is definitely something to look forward to in the future for an expansion of shade ranges and finishes. 

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