Makeup Looks for All Your Valentine's Day Needs

Valentine's Day is a big holiday, and every big holiday needs a few big makeup looks. No matter how you're celebrating this year, there is a look out there for you. So, grab your beauty blender and let's get to work!

Sweet and Sophisticated Day Date with a New Boo

This simple and glowy look would be perfect for a day out with your new sweetheart. It's fancier than an everyday makeup look, but it's not so glam that it takes 2 hours and $100 to recreate.

Creator: Shahd Batal

Daring Date Night With an Old Flame

The perfect look for the girl (or guy) looking to go a little above and beyond with their makeup this Valentine's day. No need to be coy, pull out all the stops and show them what you've got!

Creator: Christen Dominique

Sultry Night-In With Your SO

You don't have to go out to have a good time this Valentine's Day. Put on a show for your special someone with this sexy smokey eye! 

Creator: Uche Natori

Taking Your Own Damn Self on a Date

Who cares what anyone else likes? This makeup look (and Valentine's Day date) is all about you. Pull out all the stops and recreate this fab look to wine-and-dine yourself. You'll be sure to feel hot and turn a few heads (not that it matters). 

Creator: atleeeey

Anti-Valentine's Day Date

Valentine's Day isn't for everyone, so try this look out to show the world that you don't give a **** about candy hearts and teddy bear bouquets. #MakeupLookAsBlackAsMyHeart

Creator: Amanda Ensing

Galentine's Day Date

Similar to Valentine's Day, Galentine's Day is an opportunity to celebrate the most special someones in your life: your besties! Ditch your date (at least for a little while) and try this look for a night out with the gals. 

Creator: Jocelyn Sanchez

*BONUS LOOK: I Just Remembered We Have a Reservation and I Need to be Ready in 10 Minutes!

Your honey bunny did say you needed to be ready at 7, but you figured you had enough time to relax and catch up on the last few episodes of The Bachelor. Now, you've realized that it's 6:45 and you've been hit with the dreaded "OMW!" text and you're still looking a mess in your PJs. Don't worry, though, I've got a look for you too!

Creator: Claribella