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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNT chapter.

Untethered Hearts

Take the form of clouds

Unbeknownst to the sky

Tumultuously Evolve


Pink hues cascade the blank Canvas

Dripping orange swirls and purple puffs

Until the sun descends, vanished

Lurid, archaic planets are not Enough


Lackluster beams of Starlight

Peeking through the cimmerian blanket

Crepuscular atoms float in the night

Cosmic waves dance royally in Banquet


Infernal needs and abyssal Desires

Rosy colored constellations riddled with moondust

Black holes in elliptical orbit conspire

Solar systems dense with beings colored in Rust


Asteroid belts collapsing into One

Rockets hurtling, in the veneration of falling stars

Light-years pass in deep space, discovering suns

Antimatter collisions fade into a Blazar


Globular clusters clutter countless Galaxies

Mercuric molecules meddling through space and time

Solar rains and supernovas challenging actuality

Reflective nebulas merge in perfect Crime


Though the questionable universes are but the same,

We ponder and postulate, rather petulant and tame.

The mind only seeks what it does not understand, 

Yet we continue to accumulate as much as we can.

Foreign land after land, people and their plans,

Exploiting and searching for answers, so no one may reprimand.

Astronomical exploration, the evaporation of consciousness, and the slow descent of commonsensical condensation.

We have not a single clue, but ask, 

Who are You?

Hi, I'm Sanjana Iyer! I am a proud 20-year-old Indian-American, born and raised near Boston and moved to Austin, TX before high school. I graduated from Lake Travis HS in 2018 and am aiming to graduate a year in advance from UNT in 2021 with a Digital/Print Journalism degree and a double-minor in Criminal Justice and History. Traveling, singing, adventuring, nature, sports, and music are some of my greatest passions. I enjoy Kpop and Anime as well. I am a huge advocate for animal, environmental, minority, and women's rights. I am also an Isha Meditator, along with being one of the main vocalists for Sounds of Isha (Austin Branch). I tend to live by the phrase "Don't Worry, Be Happy!" and highly believe in a carefree, free-spirited yet spiritual, aware lifestyle. ~ Aspire to Inspire