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As fall begins, winter is slowly creeping in and the temperatures are quickly dropping. Many people are more worried about staying warm than dressing to impress. Here I will give you a few tips to do both. 


Tip #1- Warm Accessories 

Beanies, Scarves, Headbands Boot Socks are all great accessories that can be dressed up or dressed down all while giving a chic look. 



Tip #2- Shoes 

Shoes are a priority in any outfit. Shoes can sometimes be the base of the outfit depending on the levels and look going for. Ankle boots, tall boots, fur boots, heel boots, and sneakers can all be used in multiple outfit scenarios. Paired with cute socks can create a look you love while also keeping your feet warm and cozy. 


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Tip #3- Sweatpants

Sweatpants can be dressed up to create a more relaxed laid back look while also keeping you cute and comfortable. Some extra tips for the sweatpants would be to grab a fitted pair of sweatpants to match with a looser shirt that can be tied and then paired with a jacket or jean jacket. If you prefer a looser sweatpant fit, then try pairing it with a fitted or cropped shirt. 


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Tip #4- Layer Up

Layering up is the best way to stay warm and to create a slim chic look. Layering up includes jackets, flannels, long sleeves, and even pants. Layering up is better when strategically done by colors that coherently go together. 


Instagram: Cierra Nia (@simply.cie)


Tip #5- Jackets

Fur jackets, long jackets, and puffer jackets are all great assets to looks and can be paired on top of any look and can bring the whole look together. 


Instagram: @iam.nxsh


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