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I have been OBSESSED with Julie and the Phantoms for about a month now. I will admit that it did take me longer to get into because there was just a slight cringe to the first episode. But, once I got to episode 3, I was hooked! Madison Reyes is a Godsend and I can’t wait to see how her career will take off. I can’t believe I ever doubted the show because Kenny Ortega (Yes! THAT Kenny Ortega) is a genius and doesn’t flop I decided to rank the album because that has all I’ve been able to listen to. 


  1. Now or Never

    The BEST opening song for a musical I’ve heard in a long time! I’m a sucker for 90s rock and this song has all of those elements without sounding out-of-date. Plus four hot guys?? Sign me up! 10/10

  2. Bright

    I originally had this song lower on my list, but when I gave it another listen, it made it to my top 3. Out of all of the group performances, Bright inspires me to take a leap of faith. 10/10

  3. Edge of Great

    I wish the studio version had the guitar solo because that is why I had it in the number 2 spot. However, the song is still one of my absolute favorites! The lyrics are smart, catchy, and has a great message about bouncing back from your failures. Everyone gets a second act. 9/10

  4. Stand Tall

    I get goosebumps when this song comes on because it is a bittersweet goodbye to the end of the show. Julie overcomes her fear of performing alone and the boys come through and stand by her side. 9/10

  5. Unsaid Emily

    Utterly heartbreaking. A song about wishing you left your mom on better terms?! I cry every time this track plays. That’s it. 10/10

  6. Flying Solo

    There are not a lot of songs that are purely about friendship and this piece takes the cake. Wholesome and the beat slaps! If you want a fun and upbeat song, this is the one for you. 9/10

  7. You Got Nothing to Lose

    The only reason why this one tops The Other Side of Hollywood is the individual cues for the drum, bass, and guitar solo. Cheyenne Jackson can riff and scat all day long and duets with the guitar better than anyone else I’ve heard. 8/10

  8. I Got the Music

    This song is just fun! It’s the kind of song that I would want to dance around to and have a total HSM moment. Jadah Marie’s rap breakdown was cute and definitely put some star power into it. If you ever wanted to be the main character, this is your anthem. 8/10

  9. The Other Side of Hollywood

    I LOVE Cheyenne Jackson! They could not have picked a better person to play Caleb. This is one of the best introduction songs that a villain has. It’s jazzy, there’s a giant group number that immediately makes me want to dance. 7/10

  10. Finally Free

    A perfect middle song. No one can deny the talent that these kids possess but this song doesn’t live up to its counterparts and flies on cruise control. 6/10

  11. Perfect Harmony

    Ok. This is not my favorite song, but I appreciate how this song shows off Julie and Luke’s chemistry. The scene itself is intimate without feeling weird and wholesome without being too cringey. 6/10

  12. This Band is Back (Reggie’s Jam)

    I am a sucker for a feel-good song and this track does just that. I love seeing the boys just be themselves and be free in the world despite their ghostly appearance. It’s catchy and fun, but I wish it were longer! 6/10

  13. Wake Up

    I love that this is the song that reignites Julie’s love for music. It’s cute and inspiring and really shows off her range and piano skills. 5/10

  14. All Eyes On Me

    Dirty Candy just wasn’t as good as JATP. This song is above its counterpart because I can handle its beat better. Plus I love Alex dancing in the background of this scene so it gets a better rating. 3/10

  15. Wow

    Least favorite out of the whole album. The vocals are too high-pitched for me and although the lyrics are clever, it just doesn’t hit. 2/10.

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