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travel adventure sunset jeep road trip
travel adventure sunset jeep road trip
Tessa Pesicka / Her Campus

It’s Time to Romanticize Your Life

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNT chapter.

Often, life can become monotonous. We go to the same classes every week, eat the same meals, do the same work. It is hard to find new inspiration in what seems like a life that has nothing new to offer us. However, I believe that much of what we get out of life is all about viewpoint. I think that in order to have a great life, sometimes we just have to believe it. 

            We have to believe that the cup of coffee we have in the morning is the absolute best thing that we’ve ever had. The drive to work is an exciting new adventure. I call this romanticizing your life. I often do it myself. I pretend I’m the main character in a movie. I’m not studying for my Astronomy quiz, I’m studying ancient documents to help out a small civilization. I’m not working out to try and shed that quarantine weight, I’m training to go into a huge fight with my nemesis. 

            This may seem like a huge case of main character syndrome to you, but it really does work. I find myself more motivated and willing to do those everyday things. It’s important to sprinkle a little imagination into everyday life. So, next time you find yourself bogged down in monotony, find another way to think and romanticize your way out. 

Junior at UNT studying History and Pre-Law. When I'm not reading, I enjoy baking, yoga, and watching 2000s Rom Coms.