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I finally found the movie “Soul” has a purpose

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Disney’s movie “Soul” was not the movie I expected but needed.

Tik Tok hype over the movie “Soul” at the beginning of 2021 had me desperate to land my hands on a copy of the movie. The numerous videos stating how the movie made people cry made me wonder how truly inspirational it could be. Now it wasn’t until mid-spring that I got “Soul,” but at first, I was disappointed.

The movie “Soul” lacked a deep inspirational connection for me on the first watch. It left me wondering if I was out of touch with everyone else or if the movie was just not my type. Regardless, I was intent on not letting my money go to waste, so I watched the movie again and again.

Eventually, “Soul” went from a movie I slept through to a movie that struck a chord with me. The movie teaches so many important lessons, including that it’s ok to not know what you want to do in life, to follow your dreams but also stay realistic at times, that life isn’t all about finding your purpose but rather your desire to live out your life, and that you should find peace with what you got instead of wasting your energy always searching for more. These lessons would have been amazing to have had taught to me as a child and this movie would have made a big difference in implementing this.

As a college student, I struggle with figuring out where my life is heading consistently. It’s a consistent worry of mine that I am making the wrong choices or that I am heading in the wrong direction. The movie helps to teach that it’s not all about finding the perfect direction for your life. This movie came at perfect timing for me once I finally figured out its purpose.

As it truly is a movie for all ages, with a bigger meaning for adults, and adorable, colorful animations for children, I (as many of the Tik Tok community) recommend you to check out this soul-touching movie.

Hello! I am a current UNT student studying to get my major in Journalism with a concentration in Public Relations. I intend to get a minor before I graduate in marketing as well. My free time consists of painting, shopping, hanging with friends, and watching superhero movies!
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