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I Asked People to Talk About Their Weirdest Dreams

We’ve all experienced dreams where we’ve woken up and asked ourselves, “wtf?” It wasn’t particularly scary or pleasant, it can only be described as strange, unusual, or weird. Why do we have these dreams? Do they mean anything? Am I destined to marry Mr. Krabs in a blimp? Probably not, but I think we’d be pretty happy together. Whatever quirky event may take place in your mind while you sleep, I decided to interview some students and ask what the weirdest dream that they can remember is. Here’s what I got:

An Unaired Episode Of American Horror Story: Hotel

“When I was four, we would go visit my grandma every single day. And we passed by this hotel every single day. So, one night, I had a dream that I was in this hotel and it was me and my gym teacher, she was in there, and she was walking me through the hotel. At one point, a door opened and these babies started crawling all over the floor towards me.”

Colorful Yorkshire Terriers

“So when I was like ten years old, I was young and still in elementary school, I had a dream that I went to my friend’s Barney themed birthday party. Which is kind of ridiculous because we were young but we weren’t like Barney age. So we went to her party and it was kind of weird and there was this huge cake and it was really colorful and Barney themed. Surrounding the cake were a bunch of multi-colored Yorkies. There were purple Yorkies, green Yorkies, normal colored Yorkies and they were just there for no reason! Just chilling.”

If Cinderella Lost Both Shoes

“I was dreaming that I was in school, and my biggest fear when I was younger was forgetting my shoes because I was always barefoot around the house. So I would always have dreams about me being at school barefoot and it would be constant dreams all the time about me not having shoes on. And now I always keep an extra pair of shoes in my backpack.”

Trash Ex-Boyfriend

“My dream started off random, I was in the bathroom taking a shower, and then when I got out of the shower I saw my ex and then he turned into a raccoon. It was really weird.”

A Letter to My Deer Friends

“My weirdest dream would have to be the time I dreamt my friends and I were deer but spoke like people.”

Illegal Signature

“I had a dream that I got to meet Harry Styles from One Direction and I asked for his signature. He gave it to me and was really smiley so I was really happy about that but later my mom saw that I got his signature and got really mad and told me that it was illegal. So she made me tear up his signature which was really sad.”

An Eventful Day

“So the dream started where I was at my wedding ceremony but I didn’t see who I was marrying. Then all of the sudden it was over and I had to go play a softball game. And so I was playing the softball game and then I look down and I’m pregnant?! And so they take me off the field to this weird tent thing and I had the baby right then and there.”

A Plot for a Stephen King

“Once I had a dream that my family was replaced by colorful wooden people. I tried to escape by jumping off a banister, but when I landed  the floor was like jelly and I got caught in the ground.”

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