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How To Make Your Voice Heard Concerning Gun Violence


On March 14th, thousands of students walked out of schools to protest gun violence. Students decided to protest after the mass shooting in Florida, saying enough. Even students across the world from Australia,Germany and the United also protested, said USA Today. If you are for stricter gun laws and are wanting to get involved like these students, here are a few ways you can help.

Get Educated:

The first thing you need to do before you fight against gun laws is to know about them. One of the most important things to do is to learn about general facts and federal and state gun laws. Each year the Giffords Law Center analyzes the trends and laws of gun violence.

“Year after year, our data shows the same thing: comprehensive gun safety laws lead to fewer gun deaths and injuries,” Gifford Law Center said.

On their website you can learn the facts about access to firearms, background checks, guns in public etc. You can also see their database of state and federal gun laws. There you can see laws concerning guns in public, background checks, child and consumer safety, etc.

Before you start wanting to change gun laws, first find out what needs to be changed.


If you really want to help organizations fight for stricter gun laws, donate. Every dollar counts. Even you it’s only $1, that will help fight for your cause. Here are a few organizations you could donate to:

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence

Everytown for Gun Safety

Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Giffords Courage to Fight Gun Violence

States United to Prevent Gun Violence

Women Against Gun Violence

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America


If you don’t feel comfortable donating or can’t afford it, you could always volunteer at an organization. There are many options for volunteering in any of the organizations listed above or other ones out there. Even staying updated on what the organization is a way of volunteering.

Call Your Representatives:

I know you have probably heard this before. And you are probably thinking that this doesn’t work, but it is one of the best ways to have your voice heard.

Here is a way to contact your representative and tell them exactly what you are feeling:

Find Your Representative

Contact Your Representative


Post on social media:

Even though this may not be the best way to get representatives to look at your opinions, your friends and family will. Posting your opinions and emotions on social media not only welcomes you into a community who feels the same way you do, but this let’s those around you learn there are different opinions out there. Who knows they might even listen.


Erin is a senior journalism and English major at UNT. She is obsessed with fashion, beauty, video games, Harley Quinn and coffee.
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