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My Valentine’s Day was extremely eventful. Let me go ahead and tell you all about it.

I’m in Love with my best friend but I got pregnant by another man and decided to forgo college while he went to Boston for School.

I Met my best friend on the night of my graduation and we hit it off right then and there. Throughout the years, We try to get together once a year on July 15th.

My beautiful best friend who is the life of the party is with the man I have loved since we went to law school together. One night we hook up and then begin an affair until he breaks off his wedding and we get caught.

The man I love can travel through time. He learns this on his 21st birthday as apart of the male family curse. He has seen me through different times and tries to find his way to me every time.

I Have two beautiful best friends and compared to them i’m a lump a poo. My hot next door neighbor agrees to fake date me so I can get the cool cute guy who plays the guitar. I find out the cool cute guy has been duffing me and I end up falling in love with my hot loser neighbor.

I met a guy who i decide to casually hook up with. We have some benefits along with our friendship and end up falling in love with him. He even stages a flash mob at grand central station and confesses his love to me after we had a falling out.

I thought back to my 13th birthday when all I wanted to be was mature and grown up. I suddenly wake up 30 years old and not on speaking terms with my childhood best friend.

My fiance dies in a fishing accident. His three best friends keep me company and get me through the mourning process. I fall in love with the playboy best friend of my fiance while unaware the other best friend has been in love with me for ages.

Okay, Okay. I bet you think im a nut job. Valentine’s Day is only 24 hours. I couldn’t have lived through this much drama and love in just one day. I actually spent the day alone watching my favorite rom-coms nestled up with my menage-a-trois wine bottle.
It’s completely acceptable to spend the day loving yourself while watching other people in love. I took part in some self-care and TLC for myself.

Now if you were curious about which movies I was referencing, I’ll list them down below. How about you try and guess which ones they are with my minimal plot summary. Some of them are very obvious, while the others may scratch your brain a bit.

  1. Love, Rosie
  2. One Day
  3. Something Borrowed (My personal favorite)
  4. About Time
  5. The D.U.F.F.
  6. Friends with Benefits
  7. 13 going on 30
  8. Catch & Release

How many did you get right? Which of these are your favorite or what rom-com (not listed) is your favorite?

It’s important to not dwell on the single life, it is one of the most freeing times of your life. It’s okay to feel lonely, but it’s not the worst experience. You can feel lonely, but not be alone. Take care of yourself, love yourself. Buy yourself flowers, take yourself out to dinner, watch rom-coms unrealistic expectation of love. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Hi, I am a Psychology major at UNT and I love to read and travel for concerts. I am a huge Justin Bieber fan, so that's a huge part of my personality. I enjoy giving and receiving book recommendations.
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