Hannah Kearns

Hannah Kearns inspires others with her positivity, spunk, and free spirit. Get an inside look at the North Texas Sweetheart and music lover to find out her favorite things about school, her goals in life, and the women who inspire her.  

What’s your major and classification? What made you choose your major? 

My major is integrative studies (Psychology, counseling, and SPL) and I’m a junior. I chose my major because I have a lot of diverse interests, so picking one exact major was a difficult choice. Instead I found out about this major and I love it because I can pick the classes I want to take to benefit my future of becoming a counselor.  

What’s your favorite memory you’ve made in college so far? 

One evening right before winter finals, I went to Grapevine Texas with my four closest friends because we heard about the Christmas lights they had on display. The drive wasn’t long and before we knew it, we were on main street staring at all the window displays and trees all lit up. We ended up in sort of the town square next to this gigantic Christmas tree and gazebo and, right as I looked up to stare at the tree, it started to snow! (The fake kind of Texas snow but still) As I looked around at that moment, I saw my friends faces fill with pure joy and seeing that made me feel so grateful they were in my life.  

You’re a North Texas Sweetheart. What do you love about the organization? 

What I love about the organization is the fact that every woman in there is inspiring, talented, and so incredibly strong. We all come from different backgrounds and realities, yet we are all able to come together and feel like no one in that organization is ever alone. They’re supportive and caring like Sisters should be.  

What are some hobbies you have? 

I love to read, write, sleep, make music, go to lots of concerts and unplanned adventures with friends.  

What women inspire you? 

I have three important women in my life, my mother is first because she has been my absolute number one friend all my life and supported my decision to go to the farthest college imaginable for her. I have been the hugest fan of Taylor Swift for about 10 years now because her music has always found its way into hard situations in my life, making me feel like I’ve never been alone. (Plus, her cats are adorable I mean COME ON). And number three is Carrie Fisher because the woman went through so much all her life and still found ways to write her sides of the story in beautiful, incredibly funny ways.