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Halloween in college is like an extreme sport. It seems even more so in a pandemic. Everybody is excited to make up for missing Halloween last year.

So what does that entail for this Halloween 2021 Weekend?


I keep hearing in multiple conversations about the parties people are excited to go to this weekend. I will be spending my weekend working and did not realize how excited everyone is to party this weekend.

I just want to stress to everybody:

  • To be safe
  • Be aware of your surroundings and where you are at
  • Do not drink and drive, your life is far too important.
  • Be aware of what you are drinkning
  • Do not drink if you do not want to, you can have fun sober!
  • Have fun!!

Multiple Parties include multiple costumes. If you are looking for more last-minute costumes to put together, here are some ideas! I have seen some creative ideas on TikTok and love pop culture.

  1. Grab a red skirt, an orange sweater, some long orange socks, and a pair of glasses. You can be Velma from Scooby Doo.
  2. Have your old homecoming dress in the closet? You can be a homecoming queen!
  3. Have a striped green and red sweater you don’t care for? Go to the store and find a straw hat and you can be a scarecrow. Don’t forget to do some face designs and makeup to really put it together.
  4. Can’t forget a trio action. If you’ve got a baby blue outfit, a red outfit, and a green outfit, you can easily pull off the powder puff girls. Please coordinate as much as possible, this is very very important!
  5. This one can be solo or with a group of four. If you have some cheetah in your closet or a juicy couture tracksuit with matching cheetah print, dress as the cheetah girls! Perform Cheetah Sistas at least once in the night.
  6. If you’re a Justin Bieber fan like me, grab a purple hoodie, white t-shirt, purple jeans, and purple high to sneakers with a purple snapback. Wig or no wig, You can go as Justin Bieber!
  7. Simple and cute, go grab some bunny ears and go as a playboy/non-playboy bunny!
  8. If you have your old cheer costume in your closet, go as a cheerleader and spice it up with some fake blood. the Undead is always a cool look.
  9. If you went to Love on Tour and put together a beautiful outfit, you can wear it for halloween and go as the 70s era, Harry’s girlfriend, or anything you want to be. Those outfits were too cute to just wear once.
  10. This one takes some planning, but I couldn’t write this without including my halloween costume that I am VERY VERY excited to wear. I have some black spy looking pants, a black mock neck sleeveless top with a sewn-on Winter-Soldier arm. I also bought a black harness belt. I have a belt with a holster and a black mask covering the bottom of my face. I also have some finger-less gloves. I Will be going as Captain America: Winter Soldier Bucky for halloween and I am beyond excited.

Happy Halloween Friends! Trick or Treat if you want to, Party if you want to, but just be safe and have a good time!

Hi, I am a Psychology major at UNT and I love to read and travel for concerts. I am a huge Justin Bieber fan, so that's a huge part of my personality. I enjoy giving and receiving book recommendations.
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