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It began with chalk and swing sets. 

Now we’ve grown up and have regrets. 

I loved you for ten years and it all came crashing down. 

It started the summer I had to leave town. 

I changed dresses and hairstyles,

Until I’ve become worn out from all the miles. 

I wish you loved me the way you loved baseball.

I thought you would catch me if I were to fall.

In return you did nothing at all.

I played my spade.

You ran away afraid.

I had only what many wish for.

Now this love is branded ‘nevermore’. 

I can’t tell if it’s this drink in my hand

Or the stress from this band,

But none of this is what I had planned. 

You’re young and hopeful.

You claimed me to be your favorite opal.

But you let me slip through your fingers.

So now the mess lingers

On what was or what could have been. 

You know I hate a fickle tailspin.

No, I don’t waste the sunlight and ponder.

I’m nineteen and have much to conquer.

I didn’t keep the trinkets or letters.

It would’ve just chained me onto forever. 

I am a junior at UNT and I am majoring in journalism. I love to write about anything and everything. I’m probably somewhere listening to Taylor Swift while writing about life.
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