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Two years ago when Orooj and I started Her Campus UNT, I knew that I was making a major move that would change my college experience and life forever. Starting the organization came at a great time for me personally, I was in desperate need of something to help me find my place at UNT. I tried multiple organizations and interacted with different groups of people but while they were all great, I hadn’t found the opportunity to leave my mark on UNT’s campus. Two years, multiple late nights, unlimited group messages, 58 members, 1,000 + followers, a Student Org of the Month award and a trunk full of pink decorations later and I can truly say that my mark was left on not only the UNT community with this organization but also all of the beautiful women and even guys I was able to meet and empower. College is not easy, but when you find something greater than you to be apart of, it makes it worth it. 

I can confidently say that I look forward to the future of this organization thanks to its future leaders, Kiasi and Scotlyn and the faithful members that have been dedicated since day one. I know you guys will take care of my baby and ensure this organization’s influence grows bigger and bigger. It has been an ultimate pleasure to serve as President. 


Kayla Charles is currently studying Merchandising and Digital Retailing at the University of North Texas. The Houston, Texas native is very passionate about writing, fashion, and the celebration of women. Kayla is proud to represent Her Campus UNT.
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