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Can I just say dating in college is so difficult? There are so many Chads and so many Justins and you just want to stay far away from them.

If you’re an avid reader like me, invest your time in a book boyfriend. Fictional boyfriends are so much better than real boyfriends. They definitely can disappoint, but when that happens, you move on to the next (book). What’s great is that when he’s acting out of sorts, you can just close your eyes and ignore his nonsense. Something even greater is experiencing the emotions in a book as a hopeless romantic.

A recent book boyfriend that has completely taken my heart and ruined any real-life expectation for a dating partner for me is Garrett Graham. Garrett is from book one of the Off-Campus series by Elle Kennedy called the Deal.

!!!!!! MINOR SPOILERS !!!!!!

Captain of the college’s hockey team and captain of my heart, Garrett isn’t doing too hot in a class, so he tries to enlist Hannah Wells’ help since she is passing the difficult class with flying colors. She is adamant not to tutor him, but he offers to fake date her and help her win over this other hottie in their class. Of course, every fake dating trope ends with real feelings and this one definitely did. One kiss leads to an incredible night for the both of them, and he realizes he is deeply in love with her. He won my heart, and he won her heart. Read the book, fall in love with the man, and snuggle up this fall with your new fictional boyfriend.

If Garrett isn’t enough, fall in love with 3 more guys from the hockey team in the rest of the Off-Campus series! Seriously, book boyfriends just do not disappoint (if you pick the right book). Stay away from the toxic ones a.k.a The After series by Anna Todd.

Hi, I am a Psychology major at UNT and I love to read and travel for concerts. I am a huge Justin Bieber fan, so that's a huge part of my personality. I enjoy giving and receiving book recommendations.
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