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Five Ways to Ease into Going Commando

The practice of going “commando” is a concept that is often surrounded by an air of promiscuity or fear. For some, the act is considered taboo and for others, it is too uncomfortable to think about. In today’s society, the freeing of female anatomy is a hot topic gaining global attention. The conversation began with the freeing of the nipple, but it’s quickly evolving into women feeling more comfortable about freeing their closest lady friend.

While the act may incite a fear of being exposed, going commando can actually benefit the general health of your vagina. One of the keywords to these benefits is circulation. Underwear, synthetic fabrics especially, can act as a barrier that prevents air from circulating and traps moisture. The combination of these two can result in a higher risk of bacterial infections and STIs. If you’re on the fence about going commando, take these five easy steps to ease your way into it.


Air dry


As college students, we may not always have the luxury of relaxing after a shower or bath. Often times it’s a must do separating you from getting where you need to go on time. On the days that you do have time to relax after showering, skip the towel and let your body air dry. This allows your vagina to be free for a few minutes before you smother it with underwear.


Sleep without underwear


This is the perfect chance to go commando without your mind freaking you out the whole time. Slip into your favorite sleep dress or maybe nothing at all and let the hours of air circulation do its thing. Giving yourself and your vagina this time after a long day of thongs and tight jeans is a must.


Go commando in leggings


Yeah, that’s right! We’re taking you out the comfort of your home. When you slip on your lazy day leggings, ditch the thong or risk of panty lines. Going commando in leggings allows you to enjoy their maximum comfort. You no longer have to worry about everyone seeing your granny panty lines or the top of your thong peeking out above your tights. I guarantee that once you try this you’ll never look back.


Make wearing your favorite jeans more comfortable


Now the key to this step is to pick the perfect pair of jeans. I don’t recommend going commando in every pair of jeans. Check for tightness and tags or stitching in awkward places. When you find the perfect pair, put them on and strut. It may feel a little weird at first, but soon enough you’ll be comfortable with your little secret.


Embrace sundress season


The biggest commando challenge is often going panty-less in a dress or skirt. This is the closest thing you can get to maximum exposure while in public. You truly get to embrace Mother Nature and all its windy force. The confidence and love for your vagina you’ll gain from this experience makes the beginning awkwardness worth it. You’ll feel like a baddie and know your vagina is loving the feeling as much as you are.


Going commando isn’t just about the health benefits or your outfit looking better with panty lines. This practice gives you the opportunity to appreciate your vagina in its most natural environment. Share your commando experiences with us via social media messages or email!

Kayla Charles is currently studying Merchandising and Digital Retailing at the University of North Texas. The Houston, Texas native is very passionate about writing, fashion, and the celebration of women. Kayla is proud to represent Her Campus UNT.
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