Everything You Need to Know About the Puppy Bowl

In the cutest thing to ever be aired on television, the Puppy Bowl is back for the 13th puppy bowl on February 5 at 3pm EST. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Where to Watch It. Animal Planet is of course the first and foremost place to watch it. However, if you don’t have access to a television, you can sign up for Animal Planet Go using your (or your parents) tv provider. You can also watch highlight clips that will almost certainly be posted on Animal Planet’s Youtube channel.

Team Ruff Has Won Two Years in a Row. The puppy bowl is divided into two teams: Ruff and Fluff. And in the past two years, Team Ruff has won. However, hopefully Team Fluff can show up and break their losing streak, beating Team Ruff for the first time since teams were introduced to the Puppy Bowl. And this year, the winning team will be receiving the Petco Lombarky trophy that is a stuffed fire hydrant with a football on top.

Three Disabled Dogs Are On the Roster This Year. That’s right, in the lineup for the Puppy Bowl for the first time are three disabled dogs. These dogs are Winston, who is sight and hearing impaired, Doobert, who is completely deaf and Lucky, who has three legs. Doobert is on Team Ruff while Lucky and Winston are on Team Fluff.

Kitty Gaga, Guinea Pig & Rabbit Cheerleaders, and the Mascots. This year’s halftime show will again be a kitty halftime show with Kitty Gaga headlining singing “Puparazzi”. Along with Kitty Gaga, there will be cheerleaders for this puppy bowl, a combination of guinea pig and rabbit cheerleaders. And as for the mascots for Teams Ruff and Fluff, Team Fluff’s mascot is the chinchilla while Team Ruff’s mascot is the Eastern Screech Owl.

All Dogs Are Up For Adoption. All the dogs featured in this year’s Puppy Bowl (and every Puppy Bowl) are up for adoption. Their local shelters vary as these puppies come from all over to participate in the Puppy Bowl but they all are looking for forever homes. And considering how cute they are, I don’t suspect it will take long for them to be adopted.

The Puppy Bowl XIII will air Feb. 5 at 3pm EST on Animal Planet.