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Empowerment Through Service

Women can empower each other through art, music, personal relationships, and by simply supporting one another. In addition to those great acts of empowerment, we can also uplift women by getting involved in our communities, both locally and nationally. Placing yourself in a position to help others benefits you and whichever person or organization you offer your services to. I believe that using your time and resources to help others is one of the most important and powerful things we can do as women. I started volunteering for organizations while I was in high school and have developed a genuine love for helping people. I’ve learned that giving power to others gives you a sense of purpose and empowerment as well.

Here are a few ways you can practice female empowerment by lending your time and resources to others:

Volunteer or Donate to a Food Pantry

Nutrition is a basic need for everyone, so giving someone a meal for the day would be a great contribution. The fact that women account for a high number of the population living in poverty or unable to have steady meals makes this a fairly easy way to impact other women’s lives. If you’re looking for opportunities to do this in Denton, United Way and The Salvation Army are good places to start.

Get Political

Participating in politics may be stressful these days, but it’s important that women stay involved so that our voices and perspectives can be heard. Voting in local and national elections, attending city council meetings, and spreading awareness about issues that matter to you are starting points. You could also find female candidates in your town or nationwide that align with your views, and support them by campaigning with them or simply letting others know about them.

Mentor a Girl

There are a lot of girls out there who don’t have anyone stable in their lives that they can rely on. Acting as a guide for one of them would impact her life, and give her the confidence to pursue things she otherwise would have been afraid of or not have the resources to try. Whether it’s with an organization like Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, or hanging out with a younger girl from your neighborhood, church, or school, you have the ability to make a girl feel valued and special.

Ultimately, I think female empowerment is all about helping other women become the best version of themselves and reaching their goals. Being of service to individual women or your community as a whole is a way to leave a positive mark on another woman’s life.

An aspiring journalist and avid Cheeto eater.
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