DIY Fall Dorm Décor on a Budget

With fall in full effect, it’s easy to get tied up in wanting new room decorations to match the season! Unfortunately, being a broke college student means that this is not always as easy as it sounds. Here are 5 DIY ideas that will make your dorm room the place to be without breaking the bank!

1.) Autumn Wreath 

Wreaths are an adorable decoration for any occasion, especially if you add your own personal touches. Start out with a plain wreath and add flowers, burlap, bows, leaves, or anything else you can find at your local craft store to make it your own!

2.) Mason Jars

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love mason jars? They make the perfect centerpieces and look great virtually anywhere. Fill them with flowers, pinecones, or candy corn to celebrate the season. Paint the outside to resemble the changing leaves and reuse them later as holders for your pencils and pens!

3.) Glitter Leaf Garland

A quick trip to the craft store is all you need for this one! Pick up some leaves of your choice, glitter (if you’re feeling it), ribbon, and glue or mod-podge. Start by coating your leaves in glue and pouring the glitter on top. Once they have dried, glue or staple the ends onto strands of ribbon at varying lengths. Finally, attach your strands to one long piece of ribbon and hang them across your wall! (DISCLAIMER: The glitter can be extremely messy… you have been warned.)

4.) Pumpkin Decorating

Opt out of the carving and gooey mess this fall and decorate your pumpkins with paint, ribbons, burlap, or glitter! Use stencils or vinyl stickers to create an elegant and clean look, or melt crayons onto the pumpkin to add some character! Make it match your dorm room, let it celebrate the season, or show off your school spirit! With such a blank canvas, the possibilities are endless.

5.) Flannel Coasters

Fall is for flannel, am I right? What better way to add a little warmth to your room than through these super trendy coasters! All you need are a few pieces of felt and some flannel material. Cover the felt pieces with your flannel and sew the ends together. If you’re not much of a sewer like myself, a hot glue gun will work just as well. Now you have a place to set those pumpkin spice lattes without completely ruining your desk or table!

Get into the fall spirit with these inexpensive and easy DIY crafts, and be sure to share your results with us on social media! Happy decorating and happy fall, collegiettes!