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In Defense of Corinne

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNT chapter.

Corinne Olympios, the 24-year-old Bachelor contestant from Miami, has quickly made a name for herself as the villain of season 21. Her inappropriate napping, adult nanny, and overt sexuality have made her the target of hate and condescending lectures from the other girls. While her entitlement is irritating, most of this anger is seriously misdirected.


This show, in theory, is centered on Nick Viall’s journey to finding a soul mate. In reality, the show is a glorified sorority party. Either way, it is Nick who decides which girls leave each week, who he spends time with, and he certainly has the agency to decide whether or not to straddle a 24-year-old in a bouncy house. Despite this, the other contestants have taken it upon themselves to confront Corinne about not being mature enough for the adult relationship that Nick claims to be in search of. They have berated her unconventional seduction tactics (whipped cream AND a trench coat?!), questioned her intentions, and belittled her intelligence all with the goal of convincing her to go home. However, this outrage would be better directed, perhaps, at the adult man they are competing for. It is concerning how well Corinne is doing at winning Nick’s affections, yet none of that is her fault. These women should be questioning Nick’s intentions, Nick’s maturity, and Nick’s willingness to settle down in an adult relationship, as it is his actions that show otherwise.

The fact of the matter is that Corinne is still a contestant because Nick, the supposed “perfect” man they are all enamored with, LIKES HER. She is not a sea witch, she does not have his soul trapped in a conch shell, he is a grown-up who, despite his greatest efforts to seem mature, is still attracted to the perky young blonde who dotes on him.


Corinne is like, pretty smart you guys. She has watched the other seasons that Nick has competed on and is playing it exactly like he did, using her sexuality to the best of her advantage and getting in as much one-on-one time as possible. The reason Corinne is so irritating to the other women is because IT’S WORKING. They feel threatened and jealous and are also probably annoyed that Nick isn’t as perfect as they thought he was.

That’s all, I only have two reasons but they’re pretty good so it feels like that should be enough. Corinne is privileged, annoying, and also the funniest thing that has ever happened to this show. JUSTICE FOR CORINNE 2K17, WHO WANTS TO FIGHT ME WITH THEIR FISTS?

Orooj Syed is a senior at the University of North Texas, majoring in Biology and minoring in Criminal Justice. Between balancing her academics and extracurricular activities, she enjoys finding new places to travel and new foods to eat. Writing has always been one of her greatest passions and, next to sleeping, she considers it a form of free therapy.