A December Playlist

It’s me, back again with another monthly playlist! There’s not a whole lot of very recent new music (Thanksgiving isn’t a good time to release music, I guess?) but I have some good winter tracks for you anyways, don’t worry.

  1. “Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)” by Arcade Fire. This song perfectly encapsulates the feeling of winter for me: feeling cold in the snow (if you’re not in Texas), but warm with someone you love. A beautiful song full of lush production and trembling vocals. 

  2. “oh baby” by LCD Soundsystem. This song has been used a lot in film and TV since the album’s release, introducing a new group of angsty teens to LCD. This song is heartfelt, with that signature production the band is so well known for. 

  3. “To Be Alone With You” by Sufjan Stevens. Stevens has other, more well known songs, but this is a standout of his lesser-known work. The guitar really captures that cold-to-your-bones feeling. 

  4. “Choking on Flowers” by Fox Academy. A weird, faux-50’s sound with a hypnotic quality. I often walk around campus to this song and feel like I’m in a movie montage. 

  5. “Don’t Shoot Me Santa” by The Killers. This list would be remiss without at least one Christmas song; being me, it had to be an indie one. The Killers are known for their goofy Christmas songs, and this is no exception.