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As I was nearing high school graduation, I remember sitting out on my grandma’s patio listening to her talk about her college days. She told me about how she used to sneak her boyfriend, my future grandpa, into her all-girls dorm. She talked about secret trips up to Oklahoma on the weekends, and she told me about writing letters to her high school friends.

My college experience is different from hers. Not only is it different because this is 60 years later, but also because of COVID-19. In quarantine, I cannot go on weekend trips or meet up with a secret boyfriend. I cannot even go out to get coffee with a friend. With these challenges in mind, I have been trying to find ways to stay in touch with my friends. 

Within this age of technology, our friends are at a fingertips length. I can still text or call my friends, but it is lacking intentionality. In figuring out how to make meaningful connections with friends when I cannot be with them in person, I remembered what my grandma told me. 

I can write and send letters. 

Sending letters shows intention. It is not just picking up your phone and making a call. Writing letters has allowed me to stay in touch with friends and has given me a creative outlet. I may not be the best artist, but it has been fun to decorate my letters and make each one unique. 

You can put however much energy you want into writing your letter. In my letters, I only write a small note inside. A simple “I hope you’re doing well” is all you need. 

Calling and texting your friends is not bad or meaningless. During this pandemic, it is just important we continue to reach out to one another. Sending letters is just one idea for connecting with friends and family during this weird and confusing time.

Hi! I'm Hannah - a Journalism major with a minor in Criminal Justice.
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