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Congrats Grads!

​​Well the semester is almost over.  Finals and graduation are coming to a close and what better way to start off the summer.  Graduation is a big deal, spending all that time, money and hard work is going to pay off.  Now that you will be going off into the real world there are going to be tough times where you are going to want to run and hide.  But it will be alright, the world is yours, you can be the change that you want the world to be.  As women, we need to inspire the change for others and be the leaders we need to be.  As women going into the world, we are leaders, we are the change, and we are the future.  Congrats grads!!!

I am a fun loving, nerdy, chill, cool girl. I love being a comic book nerd and love to talk about anything and everything. If you want to play video games or even board games I am your girl. I love playing multiplayer games as well as Twister!!! I have a very corky fashion style and well I love it!! I am just a girl that knows what she wants and will try to get there.
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