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Coachella Trends I’m Loving This Year

Coachella is a music festival held every year for two consecutive weekends in April that showcases amazing music, art and unique fashion. Coachella fashion is in a league of its own, and the fads seen through the outfits change every year. After weekend one, there was a multitude of outfits to ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ at. I saw of a lot fashion trends that I wasn’t so fond of, but I saw just as many that I did love!

1. Crochet: I saw a lot of crochet incorporated in this year’s Coachella outfits. Although that trend is not new, it will always be one that I love. When I think of Coachella now, I think of crochet tops, crochet pants, crochet skirts… basically crochet anything! Crochet is basically a festival staple!


2. Neon: Neon has been a recent trend even outside of Coachella that I’m obsessed with. Many Coachella outfits incorporated neon pink, green and yellow. Neon colors really make an outfit stand out.


3. Holographic/Reflective: My favorite trend has to be holographic outfits. I’ve seen some outfits that have holographic hues on their jackets or skirts. Another thing I’ve seen is outfits that are just a plain color in the sunlight but at night when light hits it, it is reflective. Coachella is the perfect place to have an outfit like that!


4. Transparent: Transparent or see-through outfits are such a cute look for Coachella. They provide enough material for it to be considered clothing, but not enough to where you get extremely hot! So much can be down with mesh or transparent pieces, and they are such a popular look at Coachella.



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