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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNT chapter.

Opening weekend has gone and passed for Texas Tulips located in Pilot-Point, Texas. I was one of the many other individuals who visited the tulip field this weekend. With the entrance fee being relatively low, it is an affordable way for you and your family to get cute pictures together. Children and adults came dressed in their best spring attire holding their tulip baskets to take pictures galore.

The fields feature many beautiful colors of tulips, lots of which have not even bloomed. This means that throughout the next month more and more tulips will bloom. This is what makes the tulip fields last for extended periods of time despite the potential for a heavy flow of traffic.

The one issue that may be present is that one must be diligent about social distancing themselves due to the crowding between each tulip row. However, this is not too difficult with the many rows and two fields of tulips. If you prepare to hop around a bit depending on the crowd, you will have few issues remaining safe while still having fun.

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