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Campus Safety 101

More than 20 million young adults attend college each year. The reality is that college campuses across the country are not completely safe. No matter where you attend school, there is always a risk of crime. All college students should work towards keeping a safe environment.

Safety is a high priority on many College campuses. Campuses offer students many resources to be safe. However, continue reading below on ways you can improve your current safety habits.

Go In Groups – This seems like a no-brainer. No matter where you go, ask a buddy to tag along. Walking to the library? Ask a friend! Walking back from the parking lot? Invite someone to tag along. This is especially true for after dark.

Know How to Get Help – Many college campuses offer Blue light emergency stations. It is vital that you know where these are. Look around for them and familiarize yourself with their locations the next time you go to class. Typically, there is a Blue light at every bus stop (very convenient). In addition to this service, save your school’s police number on your cellphone.

Avoid Scheduling Night Courses – We all hate scheduling the 8 AM class on a Monday morning. However, if it is possible, it is advised to avoid scheduling a night course. If it is unavoidable, try choosing a course that is close to your home or car. It is always best to avoid a possibly dangerous situation.

Be Prepared for the Worst – In preparation for a worst-case scenario, learn to defend yourself in some way. For some people, this means taking a self defense class (Karate, anyone?). For others, this means carrying pepper spray or personal alarm with them at all times. Whatever works, do you!

Don’t Let Technology Distract from Your Awareness – Many of us millenials are glued to our phones or listening to music as we stroll across campus. Instead of being constantly plugged-in, try to really be aware of what is going on around you. This is not just good for avoiding crime, but it also helps to be an overall aware human being.

Know Where You’re Going– Have you ever looked for your night class and gotten lost? Try to avoid vulnerability and look up your classes before hand on a map. This also prevents you from looking Clueless, and I’m not referring to the movie.

Marissa is an Communications Design major at University of North Texas. She aspires to positively use her artistic abilities to create Advertisements and/or Marketing materials that convey a strong message.
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