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A Busy Girl’s Guide to Kicking Stress’ Butt

The beginning of the semester can be rough, especially for freshmen like myself who are brand new to the college grind. Things can build up quickly and lead to stress, so it’s important to find ways to relieve some of life’s burdens.I’ve found that incorporating simple things that you enjoy throughout the day can make even the toughest of days suck just a little less.


Wake up at the same time every day.

 I know, I know—this is easier said than done. Trust me, I’m that girl that has like 5 different alarms set for the morning, so the struggle of waking up on time is not lost on me. However, it does help me feel more prepared for the day when I wake up around the same time every day. I think just starting your day off with a routine can make you feel like you have your life together.

Have a morning playlist.

Music is something that makes me feel very positive and energized, so when I have a playlist of upbeat songs for the morning it puts me in a good mindset for whatever the day holds. Having a cup of coffee and listening to Justin Timberlake while you get ready can be like a weight off your shoulders.

Take care of your body

 Again, easier said than done. Eating healthily is definitely not the easiest or most convenient thing for many people (myself included), but putting good things like fruits and vegetables into your body gives you energy. Not feeling worn down during the day is a miracle when you’re feeling stressed.

Working out a little also gives you an energy boost, as well as relieves anxiety.

Have some “me time”

Whether it’s an hour or just ten minutes, taking some time out of your hectic schedule to do something you enjoy is crucial to de-stressing. Hang with a friend, watch Netflix by yourself, or even grab your favorite blanket and take a nap.

These four tips are fairly easy to incorporate into your daily life and will send a few of your worries to the left, to the left.

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