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The Best TV Shows With Strong Female Leads

I love a TV show with a strong female lead, it makes the show so much more relatable! Who wants to watch a damsel in distress get rescued by some man? I don’t! I want to watch the damsel turn to her man and say “Babe, I got this” and get herself out of trouble. Here is a list of the best shows that feature strong women.

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Ok, you had to see this one coming right? She kills vampires and saves the world countless times! Not only is she physically strong, she is also fierce and caring towards her friends. No demon is going to mess with Buffy’s friends and live to tell the tale!

2. Gilmore Girls

This classic is about teen mom Lorelai going off on her own to raise her daughter the way she wants, not the way her parents want. She is strong in raising Rory by herself and teaching her to be a strong woman as well. Lorelai is also financially independent from a young age, which lets her make her own choices.

3. Jane the Virgin

This show is definitely a bit crazy! Jane is accidentally artificially inseminated (worst gynecologist ever!) and ends up having a baby. As a virgin. So much drama. She comes from a family of strong women, her mom had her when she was very young and her grandmother immigrated to America. Jane learned how to be strong from her family, is very sensible, and is able to take care of them and herself.

4. Grace and Frankie

This show is about two older women whose husbands leave them for each other after forty years of marriage. Ouch. These women end up moving in together to support one other throughout the divorce and the healing process afterward. Grace helps Frankie become more independent and Frankie helps Grace let out her wild side. I like how this show features women supporting women.

5. The Crown

This show is about Queen Elizabeth II, so of course it has a strong female lead! This show reveals just how difficult it is to be a powerful woman, even if you’re the queen. Though she is the Queen of England she was forced to tiptoe around her male colleagues, yet was still able to remain strong and govern her country fairly.

Hello, my name is Leah Butler and I am a writer for Her Campus at UNT. I am an English major right now (probably going to change it again!) and I hope to write a kick ass book one day. I love to write, cook, and hang out with animals.
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