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I know many girls who love to tune in on Monday nights to see the latest on the Bachelor or the Bachelorette. Last season was the first time I watched every episode within the season featuring Rachel. I’m still upset about that ending- but that’s a different story for a different time.

But this season with the Bachelor was also an interesting season. I didn’t care for this year’s Bachelor because I didn’t find him attractive and I didn’t want to be attached again.

But, I was scrolling through my Twitter feed and everyone was talking about the finale and how Arie was stupid, so I had to sit and watch it for myself.

After enduring in this very drawn out finale, I was honestly so confused.

To summarize, Arie had to choose who he was going to propose to at the end of the finale. The catch was, he’s in love with both girls, Bekah and Lauren. The beginning of the episode they both meet his parents and go on their final dates. He proclaims his love for the both but neither of them knew that Arie felt the same way towards the other. The morning he was supposed to propose he finally chooses a few hours before and chooses Bekah. In my opinion, I could see this working out and I was here for it. But I knew it wasn’t going to work because I knew he still had feelings for Lauren which he ended up saying. But where he got everybody is after a few weeks after proposing to Bekah, he called off the whole engagement and recorded the whole thing saying he was still in love with Lauren.

What kind of messed up twisted ending is that? The whole Bachelor Nation was in shock. Plus, when Bekah did not want to see Arie and kick him out the house he wouldn’t leave for a long time and was still trying to talk to her.

This is why I don’t agree with this whole show. These people are just supposed to be ready to get married after a short amount of time. I understand “love at first sight” but that’s how most of these couples never stay together. Love takes time and patience and shouldn’t be rushed. If you’re not ready to get down on one knee and marry someone, then DON’T. You shouldn’t feel obligated to marry someone, but that’s what the Bachelor or Bachelorette does. You’re around all these men or women, end up liking them, but then have mixed feelings in the end because you can’t choose. Or you send the wrong person home and regret it. What does that leave the other person? Heartbreak. Embarrassment on national TV. Is it worth the money to get embarrassed on TV? Having to compete against multiple men and women just to maybe marry one man or woman? I personally don’t like to compete for someone because that’s a waste of my time and energy. But hey that’s your business if you do.

But how the whole finale ended since was a two-day finale, Arie proposed to Lauren and Bekah gets to be the next Bachelorette. So, will Bekah find her true love or go through the same thing again?

Stay tuned….

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