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10 Things I Hate About You Julia Stiles Heath Ledger
10 Things I Hate About You Julia Stiles Heath Ledger
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A Gal’s Guide to The Top 10 Rom-Coms

Of course, romantic comedies are some of the most difficult movies to rank. I mean… THERE ARE SO MANY! Nevertheless, I thought I would offer my favorites. This is my top 10 list of romantic comedies.

1. While you were sleeping

It’s just… I never met anyone I could laugh with. You know?

This movie starring Sandra Bullock is probably my absolute favorite. A beautiful and witty female lead in a film that is totally predictable but filled with heartfelt moments and an adorable ending. ( Let’s just say this was my romantic fantasy as a young teen and think about it, Lucy and Jack? Lyss and Jack) (bf’s name)

2. The wedding singer

Hey, psycho – we’re not gonna discuss this, okay. It’s over. Please get out of my Van Halen t-shirt before you jinx the band and they break up.

I grew up on this movie. My mom is an absolute Adam Sandler fan and this was one that I have seen a million times and could probably watch a million more. Of course, we have Drew Barrymore and every movie with her is one worth watching.

3. Clueless

She’s a full-on Monet. – It’s like a painting, see. From far away it’s okay but up close it’s a big ol’ mess.

Need I say more? I mean other than the whole step-sibling thing (yikes) I find this movie to always be fun. Great fashion and even greater dialogue? Count me in!

4. 13 going on 30

It doesn’t matter what Lucy said. I stopped trusting her after she stole my Pop Rocks in the third grade.

This is when I realized I had a crush on Mark Ruffalo and also fell in love with Jennifer Garner. This is a movie to watch when you need a pick me up or just to get a couple of giggles.

5. It’s a boy girl thing

So we’ve got the wrong lives, but sometimes you just got to get on with life. Let things fall into place.

Alright so before any of you say anything, I know this is corny! The acting isn’t that great either but I adore this film! It is super cheesy and predictable (like any rom-com) but it is such a fun film. Freaky Friday with a twist.

6. 10 Things I hate about you

Who needs affection when I have blind hatred?

Heath Ledger. That’s it. That’s the post.

7. She’s all that

I feel just like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. You know, except the whole hooker thing.

Freddie Prinze Jr. is always a cutie and especially in this movie. Another story with a gorgeous geek in glasses and the perfect douchey jock who ends up being sweet.

8. Never been kissed

The right guy, he’s out there. I’m just not gonna go kiss a whole bunch of losers to get to him.

My love Drew Barrymore again in a cute romance movie lol. I love this one and it always make me think about what I would do different if I were in high school again.

9. how to lose a guy in 10 days

If the most beautiful woman in the world acted the way you did, any normal guy would still go running in the other direction.

Alright, alright, alright get ready to have heart eyes for Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson. Another movie I can thank my mom for putting me on. It is probably one of the more funny movies in this list and is somewhat responsible for why I wanted to be a writer.

10. The wedding planner

Love can’t always be perfect. Love is just love.

I didn’t realize I chose another Matthew McConaughey movie but hey this one has different ~vibes~. It also has J-Lo and kind of made me want to be a wedding planner. What can I say, movies that I love tend to make me develop new personalities? Anyone else?

And just like that, there are my top ten. I truly love every single one and never miss the opportunity to snuggle up and smile while watching them. Some I am sure you’ve seen but if there are others you haven’t I recommend checking them out. I mean, how are you going to hate on love?

Alyssa Mora is a fourth-year undergraduate at the University of North Texas with a major in digital & print journalism and a minor in social sciences. Alyssa aspires to be a lifestyle & fashion writer as well as continue to build her brand as a virtual assistant for women-owned companies.
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