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8 Secret Menu Items to Try in the Union

The opening of our beloved new union signified an awakening of UNT’s inner foodie in one convenient location. After the initial excitement wears off, the food choices can get a little boring. This is where secret menu items come in to save the day. Secret menu items breathe new life into your favorite food spots and give you the chance to discover and introduce others to the creations. When trying secret menu items, it’s important to be friendly with the person taking your order and remember the prices may vary.


Jamba Juice:

After unsuccessfully trying to return your unused textbooks at Barnes & Noble, treat yourself to something unique at Jamba Juice. Although the menu is pretty diverse, there’s a whole world of fruit and sherbet combinations just waiting to be found.


  1. Pink Starburst

The Pink Starburst drink is everything your inner child craves. You can tell your adult self that it’s healthy while still getting a chance to enjoy that candy taste we all know and love. To create this drink, politely ask the cashier for a mixture of lemonade, soy milk, strawberries, raspberry sherbet, and frozen yogurt.  


  1. Chocolate Covered Strawberry

Valentine’s Day just passed which means chocolate covered strawberries will go back to being hard to find on the daily. Before you go out and risk it all at the nearest Godiva, pop into Jamba Juice and try this tasty rendition of love. Start off with a Chocolate Moo’d smoothie and intrigue others around you by asking for an added scoop of strawberries.


Burger King

This popular fast food chain doesn’t even need an introduction. Behind their signature menu is enough possibilities to make a certain bright yellow arch turn brown. We recommended these two to introduce you to the secret menu world.


  1. Frings

While Frings may not be the most exciting item on this list, it focuses more on getting the best of both worlds. Sometimes you’re craving French fries, others you’re craving onion rings, and often you’re craving both. The Frings only requires you to order a half order of French fries and a half order of onion rings.



  1. The Rodeo Burger

The Rodeo Burger is everything you’d want out of a classic BBQ burger for half the price. Take a regular Whooper and add onion rings, BBQ sauce, and bacon for a cowboy experience.




Chick Fil A

Chick Fil A is the Beyoncé of Union foods. The lines are always crazy and nine times out of ten you’ve felt heartbreak from finding out they ran out of your favorite item. Chick Fil A may not be known for a very expansive menu, but there is some room to have fun.


  1. Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Chick Fil A may be the last place you expect things to get a little feisty, but you can blame the Spicy Chicken sandwich for that. Treat your buffalo wing lover best friend to a buffalo sauce treat without the bones. Simply order a Spicy Chicken Sandwich and cover it with as much buffalo sauce as you like. You get bonus points if you dip the sandwich in ranch.


  1. Root Beer Float

If you’re lucky enough to go to Chick Fil A when the ice cream machine is actually working, treat yourself to this classic. The low maintenance dessert is an easy pick me up between classes. Just ask for a root beer and add some Icedream!



The full-service Starbucks in the Union was a gift from the Golden Eagle himself. We have all the luxury of the classic coffee shop feel right in the comfort of our own Union. The Starbucks secret menu is probably one of the largest and most talked about. The list of Frappuccino combinations alone can take months to conquer. Here are two items that should be first on your list.


  1. The Cookie Monster’s Dream Frappuccino

The name lets you know you’re in for a treat. The Cookie Monster’s Dream Frappuccino is something you give yourself during a bad week. It’s the pick me up no one knew they needed. The base is a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino and that’s where the simplicity stops. Ask the barista to add two pumps of white mocha sauce (3 pumps for a grande and 4 pumps for a venti), drizzle the cup with mocha sauce and blend in java chips. Finish it off with whipped cream and mocha sauce and watch it turn into your weekly staple.


  1. Strawberry Sunset Refresher

The Strawberry Sunset Refresher is the perfect drink if you’re looking for something lighter in calories, but not in flavor. The weather is heating up and sometimes you may need a vacation in between classes. The drink starts with Strawberry acai filled to the first line, water to the third line, and a splash of orange mango juice. Add in 1 pump of peach syrup (2 for a grande and 3 for a venti). Have the barista fizz the drink together and pose for Instagram with your new tasty and photogenic best friend.

Check out these secret menu items and more on this amazing website. 

Kayla Charles is currently studying Merchandising and Digital Retailing at the University of North Texas. The Houston, Texas native is very passionate about writing, fashion, and the celebration of women. Kayla is proud to represent Her Campus UNT.
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