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6 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Concert Experience

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNT chapter.

Fall is here and it’s officially that time of year when all of your favorite artists assemble tours to take all the money you don’t have. Suddenly your Twitter notifications are all concert related and you’re downloading every app imaginable to keep you ahead. Music lovers anticipate this time of year and the chance to finally hear their favorite songs live. While the main stressor of concert season may be the financials, concertgoers can count on a few other bumps to pop up on the road to their dream shows. However, these bumps are not enough to keep you away from your favorite artist and these tips will ensure you get the most out of your concert experience.


  1. Use detective skills to plan for a tour before the information drops


Most artists drop several hints before they start promoting their tours. Fans can anticipate an increase in social media presence and even a PR stunt here and there. A new album is the most obvious sign a tour is on the way and artists usually give fans a decent time to get ready between the two drops. It’s best to start saving money when you see the signs so you can be the first one to get a ticket. Paying attention to details can save you from the hassle of chancing tickets or haggling with resellers.


  1. Set up social media notifications for the sold out show you can’t miss


So maybe you didn’t take my advance about hints or you got distracted by life and forget the ticket drop date. Now you stand the chance of missing your favorite artist come to town and resell prices are through the roof. It’s easy to forget that tickets are usually purchased way in advance and some fans are often put in situations where selling their ticket is the only option. This is when you get lucky! Set up notifications for pages and keywords related to the concert. Fans will often post tickets for crazy deals online just to get rid of them. Of course, there’s always the risk of scams when buying things online but SeatGeek has a great article filled with tips on how to avoid fake tickets.


  1. Buy tickets from authorized resellers on the day of the show


It’s no secret that resell tickets often get cheaper as the concert date comes closing in. Resellers would rather drop the prices than to completely lose profit altogether. What most people don’t know if these prices decrease significantly the day of the concert. I don’t suggest betting your whole heart on it but the chances of you getting a ticket for a significantly lower resell price are a lot higher if you can wait it out.


  1. Arrive at least two hours before doors open for general admission concerts


You finally have your tickets and now your next bump in the road is planning out the logistics for the show. Whether you’re driving or catching a Lyft, it’s important to plan ahead for a general admission show. A general admission concert guarantees no seats and often involves standing the entire show. Unfortunately, the only ways to get the best view at a general admission concert are to arrive super early or push your way through the crowd during the show. The latter can often end in spilled drinks, dirty looks, and in extreme cases – fights. If having the best view of your favorite artist is your priority, arriving at least two hours before doors open is your best option. Your feet will hurt and your body will be tired but you’ll thank yourself when the show starts.



  1. Stay hydrated and eat a decent meal before the show


The human body is often pushed to its limits at a concert/festival. Your eardrums are throbbing and you’re dancing until you can’t feel your legs while covered in your own sweat and someone else’s. Fainting at a show is a very common reality for many concert goers and the appearance of your favorite artist is rarely the cause. Staying hydrated and eating a decent meal is often people’s last priorities when preparing for a show but it’s one of the most important ones. Getting water or food during a show is often nearly impossible or a one-way ticket to missing out on something. Save yourself the trouble by thinking ahead for your body.


  1. Put Your Phone Away


Of course getting a few videos for memories is a necessity but the worst person at a concert is always the person on their phone the whole time. You can easily spot them due to their phone blocking your view. Don’t be that person that pays money just to experience the show through their tiny screen

Kayla Charles is currently studying Merchandising and Digital Retailing at the University of North Texas. The Houston, Texas native is very passionate about writing, fashion, and the celebration of women. Kayla is proud to represent Her Campus UNT.
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