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6 Tips for Navigating the College Dating Scene

When you think of the dating scene in college, what comes to your mind? Homework and chill? Netflix and Hulu date nights?

College is one of the best places for you to find your future mate. College is filled with eligible bachelors and bachelorettes who are ready to mingle. It’s also filled with guys and girls who aren’t looking for commitment and are just thinking about the now. It’s the perfect place for you to figure out what you want in a mate. But with dating comes responsibility. You can’t just give anyone your number or attention. It’s always safe to know who you are dating before venturing out with them on your own. Like all college campuses, rape is possible and occurs more than you even know.  It’s important to date responsibility and to know what you’re getting yourself into. I’ve written down some tips for you to guide you on this college dating journey.

Here they are:

  • Do you know who they are – Do your friends know who you are dating? do you follow him on his social media profiles? do you know his name, age and his occupation? It’s important for you to ask yourself what type of person he is. You should at least know the basic things, like his name, age and what class he is in.
  • What kind of person is he – Is he nice and friendly? What do you like about him? why do you want to date him? Make sure that your dating a guy because you truly like him and not just because he is cute. Good relationships start with substance
  • Date in public places – If he only wants to chill in his dorm room , that’s not considered a date. He should take you out to the movies, picnics, school events, study hall dates , etc. Don’t let him treat you like a house dog. You should be treated like a princess. If he doesn’t do that then let him go
  • Respect – All great relationships have respect. Does he respect you? if he makes plans, does he commit? if he says he is going to call does he? If a man keeps his word that’s a man you should keep. If he doesn’t, why keep wasting your time on broken promises.
  • Be safe– Your friends and parents should know who you are dealing with in case anything happens. You should always date in public places until you can trust him alone. You should always keep your phone charged and gps location on. Be safe. Don’t trust every cute guy with a nice smile.
  • Don’t be too open – Have you ever heard the saying “leave him wanting more”. Don’t make it easy for him. That’s not fun and sure not attractive. Men like challenges. Don’t be too available.

I hope these tips will help you navigate the college dating scene. While dating can be fun and exciting, it can also be stressful and exhausting. Make sure that you take time out for yourself and to figure out what you want. If you prefer not to date, you don’t have to. Don’t let anyone pressure you into doing something you don’t want to do. Dating is all about finding out what you like and don’t like. Don’t make dating like an end all game. If it doesn’t work out, it’s okay. You will find the right one when you least expect it.

Check out this youtube video; she really dropped important information you should consider when dating a guy:



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