5 Reasons to Study Outside

I am not an outdoor person by any means. But as I’ve started college, I’ve definitely appreciated just sitting outside and relaxing. And since classes have started, that means I’m going to have to study. So if you want to switch up your studying environment, consider studying outside. There are tons of reasons to.

It’s Beautiful UNT is a gorgeous campus. And there are always benches and tables just waiting to be used. We even have a rooftop garden at the Union that is super peaceful. So if the weather is nice, go outside and study. Chances are it might help you study better to be in a different place and if not, it’s definitely relaxing. Another plus to studying outside is that it might be quieter than your usual study space because people are just walking around, not really hanging out and having really loud conversation.

Stress Reliever Being in contact with nature relieves stress. It has been proven. So if you are stressing for a big test or finals, try studying outside. It will help you relieve some of that stress and approach your studying with renewed focus. That way you are actually studying instead of just freaking out and not actually studying.


Better Concentration Yup, being outside helps you concentrate better. This study says so. So if you want to study, why wouldn’t you want to do it in a place that helps you concentrate better? It seems stupid if you don’t study outside at this point. If studying outside helps concentration, definitely take advantage of that next time you need to study.

It’s Healthy Being outside is actually good for your health. We all need vitamin D and what better way to get it than sunshine? Plus, being outside in the fresh air will probably make you feel a whole lot better than being in your dorm or a crowded coffee shop. And this improved mood will probably help your studying.

Better Recall If you want to remember what you are studying better, switch up your study space and actually benefit from studying. Because what’s the point of studying something if 10 minutes later you are going to forget it? So instead of studying in the library, study outside and be better off because of it.