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5 Inspirational Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

It is a truth universally acknowledged that college is stressful. Carefree summer nights change into sleepless nights spent studying/freaking out over that assignment that was due at 11:59 pm. It is a constant battle of wanting to be successful and ignoring the instinct to drop everything in favor of a nap. Here are five accounts to help you stay motivated next time you’re scrolling through Insta on your fourth consecutive study break. 1. @theleaguewomen

This account posts their own inspirational quotes, as well as quotes and poetry from others. It will put things in perspective next time you feel like you can’t go on. 2. @cleowade

This writer’s smart and powerful posts will snap you out of your rut. 3. @nikita_gill

A poet, her content is full of wisdom and as real as it gets. Not to mention deep. 4. @flaremag

An account for a magazine that empowers women, they have even created their own hashtag, where women describe their career breakthroughs: #HowIMadeIt. 5. @chapterfriday

A fun account that is equal parts empowering and relatable. It will make you feel like someone collected all your thoughts and published them.

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