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5 Fierce Fall Trends You Need Now!

Hey Gal Pals! Its officially fall, and time to revamp your wardrobe. Each season brings new trends and new ways to style classic looks. Fall happens to be my favorite season for style and I am going to share my favorites for 2018.

Scarves Galore

Scarves are all the rage this season! Silk and satin scarves will dominate this trend. Ditch the idea of cozying up with a thick knit scarf to keep warm and embrace the idea of using the accessory as a layering peace. Silk and satin scarves will also be worn in place of other garments. You may see dresses made of scarves or blouses and even skirts.


Richard Quinn FW 18


A POP of Neon

This trend is growing like wildfire and is very popular on Instagram. Throughout the summer, neon hair was very popular among celebrities and regular folk. Now fast forward, and pops of neon is still going strong. This trend works similarly to adding a pop of color to any look. Simply choose a piece, maybe shoes or the bag or even a wig, as your accent piece to set the look off. I think that using a neon color to pop off the look brings an element of fun and life to the overall look. Neon can bring your look from basic to baddie in 3.5.


Jai_nice on Instagram      

Top & bottom- Kloset Envy/Shoes and Bag- Prada



Plaid Palooza

Plaid is usually popular around fall with a heavy emphasis during the winter. But plaid this fall will be over the top. We’ll be seeing plaid in the new way; full on plaid fits from head to toe, not just a scarf, a skirt or hat.


Getty Images              

Oversized Outerwear

Layering is essential during the winter months, and oversized jackets have made a real comeback this season. With the oversized look, keep the outfits simple and let the jacket do the talking. I’d recommend a bold color like ruby or emerald, and maybe a distinct fabric like a twill. This trend will help keep you looking stylish and feeling warm as temperatures drop.

Getty Images


Animal Print

Leopard, zebra, and just about any other distinct animal print are leading the pack this season. Make a bold statement with an animal print ensemble. The print should be the dominating factor of the entire look. A printed coat, dress or even boots may be popular garments worn.

   Victoria Beckham Winter 18

Tom Ford FW 18

I am a Junior studying Fashion Merchandising at UNT. I enjoy binge watching Netflix and Hulu. I look forward to covering current trends and new designer collections.
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