5 Feminist Youtubers You Should Be Following

As a feminist, it’s important to listen to the voices of other women and learn from them. I’ve compiled a list of youtubers who have really helped me develop my own feminism and become a more informed person. 

#1: Hannah Witton 

Hannah is a spunky British youtuber who openly talks about a myriad of topics such as sex, books, and alcohol. Her newest series, The Hormone Diaries, follows her journey as she comes off the pill for the first time in her adult life. 

#2: Franchesca Ramsey 

Known online as chescaleigh, Franchesca uses her platform to give feminist how-to’s. She confronts racism with videos like The Many Problems With, “You Sound White” and Here’s Why Racism’s Not “Just Comedy.” 

#3: Lucy Moon 

Lucy Moon is someone I really look up to. Her videos vary from cruelty free makeup reviews, to honest chats about what’s going on in her life. She has recently been fighting the stigma around alcoholism by vlogging about her experience getting sober in a video called Hi, I’m Lucy.  

#4: Arden Rose 

Arden started as a beauty vlogger, but has become more politically outspoken within the last few years. Her channel is sprinkled with lingerie hauls and intimate discussions of her mental health and everything in between. A good starter video would be Sexy Period Panties, which showcases Arden’s interest in beautiful clothes and her straightforward approach to sensitive topics like menstruation. 

#5: Lex Croucher 


I’ve been following Lex since I was in middle school and I find her personality so interesting. She makes videos about the importance of veganism and uncomfortable topics, like one called Award Conversations: Sex, funny and captivating. Her feminism is unintimidating and will definitely make you think about the world a little bit differently.