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5 Female Streamers on Twitch that You Should Be Watching

If you are into video games at all, you have probably spent a few hours watching people play your favorite games on Twitch. Although Twitch is open to anyone to stream, it is still male dominated, just like the video game industry itself. To support other girls in a male dominated world, here are a few female streamers to check out.

1.     Valkyrae

Rae “Valkyrae” was a variety streamer, who played every game under the sun. Recently, Valkyrae has been playing Fortnite exclusively. She usually has around 600 to 2,000 people watching her each stream and has had over 2 million views.

2.     Pokimane

If you know anything about Twitch or female streamers, you have heard of Pokimane. Imane “Poki/ Pokimane” is one of the most popular female streamers. Poki plays League of Legends. She usually plays Mid or Support. She also streams ASMR and has an ASMR Youtube channel.

3.     MadYewLook

Lex “MadYewLook” is a streamer who does body paints and video games. You might know her from her Youtube channel, where she does body paint tutorials and has millions of subscribers.

4.     Fandy

Cady “Fandy” was formerly a CSGO streamer but has now made her way to playing Fortnite. She also plays a few variety games and plays games with her husband, who is also a streamer Manny “Theonemanny.” She lives in Austin, is 25, and has been streaming for 3 years.

5.     Champagne

Lauren “Champagne” is a predominately Fortnite streamer but does also plays CSGO and World of Warcraft. She is 20 years-old and lives in Atlanta. On her stream you can sometimes catch her dog Bambi.


Erin is a senior journalism and English major at UNT. She is obsessed with fashion, beauty, video games, Harley Quinn and coffee.
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