4 Ways to Save Money During Spring Break

Get some sleep. 


If your college experience is anything like mine, there is no way you’re sleeping enough. After a long, rainy week in Denton, you deserve to sleep in as late as you want. Sleep is great for your health and your mood, so if you can, take tons of naps throughout the week! You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to party.

Go bargain shopping. 


While it may not be your preferred way to buy essentials, it can be really fun to go to bargain stores to search for hidden gems. Thrift stores, used bookstores, and dollar stores sell amazing (and usually strange) things if you look for them. Plus, you won’t have to talk yourself out of buying something you can’t afford on a college student budget!

Have a spa day at home.

It takes a lot of energy and stress to get through the first half of a semester, so why not take a day to pamper yourself? Use a bath bomb, pop some popcorn, and relax with a good book. This is a cheap way to work in some alone time you might not be able to get during a normal school week.

Hang out with old friends.

If you’re spending the break in your hometown, chances are your friends from high school will be there too! Catch up with them over a cup of coffee or out in the sun. There is no better way to save money than by chatting about the good ol’ days and discussing the ins and outs of your life away from home.