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4 early 2000s trends you didn’t know you were missing

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNT chapter.

Laying in bed, one tub of dairy-free mint chocolate chip ice cream down and 8 more seasons of One Tree Hill to go, I was making mental notes of every low-rise jean and halter top that came into view and I couldn’t keep track by the end of an episode. I’ve got to say, going down memory lane of almost every teenage drama show the 2000s so graciously gifted us—isn’t the worst way to spend your quarantine. 


Naturally, immersed in the heart of plaid mini skirts and high school relationships, I became inspired. This generation birthed styles and clothing with nostalgia strong enough to define a culture. Or as one would say, it was quite literally a cultural reset. 


And that—will never die. Which is why that spirit keeps coming back. And I don’t know about you, but I accept it with open arms. Even if that spirit is in the form of a good denim jacket.


  1. Top Layering 


Cher was practically the queen of layering a simple white tee-shirt under a black tank top or a collared long-sleeve shirt under a vest in Clueless. It’s like magic, making the impossibility of two simple tops combining to equal a semi-sophisticated look. 


2. The Bucket Hat



You have your top over a long-sleeve undershirt, tinted sunglasses and earrings, (all in evenly toned versions of the same color may I add) but the feeling of needing that one thing to make something complete, of feeling like you’re forgetting something,sinks in. Just that final last touch. That’s what a good bucket hat is for. 


3. Tube Top + Low-rise Pant Combo 



Everyone knows the epitome of a to-die-for 2000s outfit is a tub top, or even an extreme crop top. But what’s lacking in most of today’s style is the sense to match them with the pair of bottoms they were destined to align with. I know uttering the words “low-rise” may strike a deeply-rooted fear in some of us, but hasn’t anyone told you not to let your fear control you? 


4. Cowl Neckline (come again??) 


Like most of you are thinking right now, I didn’t know this style neckline had an actual name, much less why it’s called cowl. But whether it be a slip-dress or satin blouse my new best friend goes by cowl and I’m not going to complain! It gives the ultimate balance between sexy and “can I go out in public with this on without getting fined.”


It’s only right to pay homage to the early days of track suits and cargo pants that encompassed the arrival of the 2000s, considering how much they’ve taught us about what we shouldn’t be caught dead in and what’s worth being an outfit-repeater for. 

Wanna be lawyer who's knee deep in the fashion industry with a caffeine addiction (: