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Tik Tok has featured many beauty influencers comparing makeup styles between 2016 and 2021. Influencers like Mikayla Noguiera, mimiermakeup, and Abby Roberts have tried the “2016 vs 2021 makeup” challenge on Tik Tok, and it has made me realize my makeup may be more outdated than I thought.

Cat/winged eyeliner, cut creases, matte foundation, block brows were all staples of the 2016 makeup era. Makeup fell into the bold category and was often colorful – rather than natural. I miss being able to walk around and see what is deemed as “crazy makeup” or “glam makeup.” While 2016 had some fun looks, one major problem was overusing products like powders and concealers.

Now, I might be biased. I have always been someone who loves a good thick coat of eyeliner – I have been frequently sporting a cat-eye out and about for years. With that, my makeup routine often has fallen into that 2016 makeup look for years when I decide to go out.

I will admit that 2021 makeup is simple, more natural, and focuses a lot on skincare. While you definitely can still take a couple of hours on your 2021 makeup look, it isn’t necessarily a look that I would call difficult to learn. 2021 makeup features lots of emphasis on skincare, soap brows, and dewy foundation. Skincare is something I appreciate and believe should have been featured as important for years – due to it being a crucial step in learning early to maintain that youthful look as one ages.

To say that 2021 hasn’t had its super colorful creative moments would also be incorrect with features of graphic eyeliners that were fun. As well, it would be unfair to not recognize some overlaps of little wing eyeliner trends that have occurred throughout the years.

Overall, the fun and colorful makeup looks are not as popular anymore, mostly being seen on the internet with beauty influencers – rather than every day. Even if it’s not a look that everyone can wear every day, I would love to see a comeback of the 2016 makeup era. As most trends do make their way back into society, I’m hopeful this makeup era will take part in the cycle.

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