13 Self Care Tips

The start of a new semester means excitement and anxiety levels are high. It's easy to forget to take care of your mental health when things get busy, but it's absolutely crucial to take a step back and make sure all of your needs are being met. Here are some quick, dorm friendly things you can do when you're feeling overwhelmed.


1. Put on a face mask


Face masks are a simple, inexpensive way to pamper yourself and feel relaxed. Your skin will be glowing and fresh, giving you the confidence you need to get through a hard day.



2. Keep a journal


Journaling is a great way to gather your thoughts and calm you down. Spend ten minutes writing about what's bothering you and it'll help you move on.


3. Make a playlist of your favorite songs


Music can completely turn my day around. Take a quick break to listen to your favorite music, or listen while you work, to get your mind off of the stresses of school.


4. Get to bed early


In college, you can never have too much sleep. Getting to bed early will help you perform better the next day and keep you feeling good and healthy.


5. Treat yourself to dessert


While you should be careful to avoid the Freshman Fifteen - and it's very real, trust me - there's no harm in an ice cream cone when you're feeling stressed. It's little things like this that will keep you going during a rough week.


6. See your therapist


UNT, and most other campuses, offer free therapy sessions in the Health and Wellness Center that are absolutely fantastic. Don't feel embarrassed to schedule an appointment; your mental health is just as important as your physical health.


7. Get some exercise


Exercise has been proven to improve your mood, so if you can, go out and get some fresh air. Just a twenty minute walk around campus will help you clear your mind and keep you energized.


8. Watch your favorite movie


If there's time for it, pull up Netflix and relax while your favorite movie plays. Immerse yourself in the story and forget about your troubles for a little while.


9. Call your mom or your best friend


No one knows you as well as these two and they'll definitely be willing to listen to you vent about textbook prices or your busy schedule. Hearing a familiar voice will help you feel secure and at ease.


10. Make a list of things you love about yourself


When I'm having a hard day, I tend to focus on the things about myself I wish I could change. Take a minute and write out everything that doesn't suck about you and maintain this positive mindset for the rest of the day.


11. Turn your phone off


Staying away from social media will have a positive impact on your self confidence and your productivity. The buzz of text message notifications will be silenced and you'll be focused on taking care of yourself and whatever it is that you need to get done. Plus, you shouldn't be comparing yourself to Instagram Girls when you're feeling vulnerable.


12. Wear your favorite clothes


Whether it be comfy sweatpants and a big t-shirt or your Sunday best, put it on. Do whatever you can to feel relaxed and good about yourself, it'll totally help your mood.



13. Go easy on yourself


It's so easy to blame yourself for getting overwhelmed, but remember to have grace. You're trying your best. Give yourself a break.