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10 Throwback Cartoons We All Grew Up On

From Cartoon Network to Nickelodeon, and let’s not forget Disney Channel, most of us grew up watching the same amazing TV shows. We can still quote our favorite lines and we all remember the catchy theme songs. So as a throwback, here is a list of top cartoon shows from our childhoods:


Jimmy Neutron

“Gotta blast!” You can already hear the countdown at the start of the show’s opening playing in your head.

Fairly OddParents

With my own set of fairy godparents I could wish for Fairly OddParents to be on Netflix!

Spongebob Squarepants

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? One of my all-time favorites as a kid! If only we could find out the secret ingredient that makes a krabby patty taste so good.

Danny Phantom

Probably, for many of us, our first ever cartoon crush growing up. I mean, if he’s not like other guys then sign me up!

Kim Possible

A show with a strong, female protagonist as well as an antagonist? This is what young girls today need to be watching.

Dexter’s Laboratory

A young genius who can save the world with his inventions but has his stuff ruined by his older sister. We never liked you Dee Dee.

My Life as a Teenage Robot

A robot fighting machine who also wants to live as a normal teenager, this show was pure gold.

Total Drama Island

I wanna be famous! This show took reality TV shows to the extreme, with cartoons of course.

The Rugrats

With jokes that flew over our heads as a kid and our fear of Angelica (just me maybe?), the babies’ adventures made our toddler experiences appear pretty dull.


With the release of the app, the love for Pokémon is not dead. Pikachu will always remain in our hearts and make sure to help us “catch em all.”

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