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10 Habits for Successful Creative People

Today I decided to share the habits I have picked up from other creative people that have continued to push me to be successful in all that I do. It is extremely hard sometimes, especially when you have writer/creators block, but these are things that have helped me, and I hope that they can help you, too.

  1. Create consistently. Set up a time in the day where you always will write, and stick to it. The best way to get content out there is to not slack, even when you want to.
  2. Don’t wait for inspiration to come to you. You have to be willing to find inspiration in anything, otherwise it’ll be a long and painful road for you.
  3. Perfection doesn’t exist. The best we can do is our best, and as long as you are giving that, then you are fine. Remember, we are our own harshest critics.
  4. Be willing to learn. If you aren’t learning, you aren’t growing. If you aren’t growing, then what are you even doing?
  5. Trust yourself. You know you better than anyone else. If you want to do something, do it. If you don’t think that you should, don’t. Your work is your work.
  6. Take risks, though. You don’t want to constantly be stuck in the same spot. Again, you need room to grow. Your work will never go further than it is right now if you aren’t taking a chance on yourself.
  7. Have a space to create. If you aren’t comfortable creating around other people, fins a place where you can be alone. This will allow you to think clearly, and you will be able to move forward with less stress on your shoulders.
  8. Give yourself space. Despite me telling you to keep pushing, don’t overwork yourself. The most important thing for you to do is be proud of the work you put out, and if you aren’t 100% happy with it, then wait until you have a chance to improve it.
  9. Don’t edit your work until you are finished. This works extremely well with writing. If you nitpick everything you write, then you’ll never reach the end of the story.
  10. Be mindful. This goes to say that everything you write is for you, but it is meant to be shared with others also. Be careful what you put out there, because once you share something so precious to you, you can’t get it back, especially if it hurts other people.
Scotlyn is a UNT alum, Class of 2020. She graduated with a degree in Digital and Print Journalism and a minor in English. During her time with Her Campus, she served as the Chapter President for two years, and also held positions as Chapter Advisor, Writer, and Chapter Expansion Assistant through Her Campus Media. And yes, her name is like the country, but spelled differently.
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