Why You Should Follow Derrick "talks to cows" Josi on Twitter

If you don't know who Derrick Josi on Twitter, you need to follow him immediately. If you question agriculture's ability to care for animals well being, or you're passionate about agriculture, or you want to leanr more about where your food comers from he's the guy that will teach you while making you laugh with his wonderful cows and his family. 

  1. 1. Funny Videos of Cows

    If you think cows are an adorable, majestic, dorky, or like giant dogs, Derrick Josi has the videos you need.

  2. 2. Honest About What He Does

    He will not lie to you about the facts and his videos and tweets are a testimony to the safety of his cows. 

  3. 3. Fighting the Haters

    He stands up for himself as a farmer and shows that what he's doing is an honest and humane way of living.

  4. 4. Learn Something New

    You never know what you don't know and the way he helps explain things through videos and funny commentary makes understanding easy.

  5. 5. Did I mention Cows?

    I don't know if I mentioned this earlier, but most of his videos feature is friendly, adorable, loveable, stubborn cows. 

Whether you are looking for information, wanting to get some entertainment, or you just love cows, Derrick Josi has the Twitter account for you.