Why Runza is Nebraska's Finest


Runza has locations all over Nebraska (and a couple in border states). Their green and yellow sign dots roadsides and Husker games. Runza restaurants have been around since 1949, according to their website (www.runza.com). What makes Nebraskans and tourists love this fast food chain with all their heart stomach?


Amazing quality food

Fast food doesn’t usually get a reputation for luxury meals, but Runza exceeds fast food expectations. Their golden fries and steamy runzas are always fresh, crisp, and delicious. They bring crinkle cut fries to a new level. Always hot and salty. Always crisp and fresh. I will admit that I often stop by Runza for just the fries, and of course the ranch.

Ranch is a midwest favorite. It goes on everything. Runza’s special ranch brings together all that the midwest and Nebraska hold dear in a dressing. Being a staunch ranch supporter, I have not ventured to try their other sauces, but I am told their honey mustard gives the famous ranch a run for its money. I guess I will have to go back to Runza soon to test it.

Of course their signature meal, and namesake, the Runza sandwich is a long-time tradition you can’t find anywhere else. A family recipe that tastes homemade over half a century later. When it comes to fast food, Runza beats out all of the national out-of-state competition. It just goes to show: If you want quality, you need Nebraska.


Community Connection

The people of Nebraska believe in community, and our restaurants are no different. Started by a local family, Runza has continued its presence in the communities it serves. They keep their business mostly in Nebraska in order to remain local and tied to their home. Their social media is always active and responsive to their followers. Go ahead and @ them. I am sure you will get a reply; I did. Runza has a strong presence at many Husker events because Nebraska’s home restaurant will always support Nebraska’s home teams!

Runza is also philanthropic. Most Nebraska high schoolers and channel 7 news watchers are familiar with the Runza Student of the Week Program. It is a scholarship program where local Runza Restaurants select a high school senior each week. The student of the week receives a $500 scholarship, $25 Runza gift card, and is featured on the Channel 7 news. The program encourages local students who go the extra mile. I was fortunate enough to be selected in my senior year. Their dedication to their communities showcases the best Nebraska has to offer.


When I meet an out-of-stater, I always tell them: You need to try Runza. Runza encompasses the best of Nebraska in its quality and community. Nebraskans are the nicest, highest quality people, and our communities are strong. Runza is Nebraska in a restaurant. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go get some crinkle cut fries.