Which Takes the Cake?: Top Seven Little Debbie Snacks

If you’re anything like me, eating a Little Debbie Snack takes me back to my elementary school days! These little snacks were always such a treat to find in the bottom of my lunch bag or to come home from school and spilt with my brother. The treats never fail to make me smile, and after a rough test or after I finish a huge stack of homework, I will use them as a college reward system!


Here are my current top ranked Little Debbie snacks:


7. Honey Buns – If you feel like having a sticky mess all over your fingers, this is the snack for you! Honey Buns have haunted me since my younger years of always ending up a disastrous mess! Honestly, I’m just not a fan

6. Swiss Rolls – Once again, prep yourself for a huge mess as the outside of these cakes will crumble all over your lap. They are all around chocolate cake filled with a puffy frosting-like substance.

5. Zebra Cakes – I go through stages where I love this treat and some where I despise them. I think one big plus of these is that the vanilla coating complements the white cake inside. Also, the frosting between the cakes layers doesn't overwhelm the whole treat.

4. Star Crunch – These are TASTY! Carmel, chocolate cookie, rice cereal... I would basically describe it as a chocolate-caramel-rice krispie treat. All around, it covers a lot of cravings!

3. Oatmeal Cream Pies – These are a Little Debbie classic! Two yummy oatmeal cookies sandwich just the right amount of cream filling. Also, the regular size package of these comes with way more treats than the other types!

2. Cosmic Brownies – These are basically tied for first place, in my opinion! The dense fudge treat with candy sprinkles will be sure to make your heart smile. This classic brownie will always have a special place in my life.

1. Nutty Buddy – Formerly known as Nutty Bars, these peanut butter, chocolate, wafer snacks are filling, easy to split with your best pal, and all around the greatest and tastiest Little Debbie snack out on the market!!!