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What to Read: Flannery O’Connor Short Stories

It’s always so exciting when you actually enjoy assigned reading. I am currently taking a course about great women authors throughout history, and we have read some amazing pieces. I really enjoyed reading short stories by Flannery O’Connor. She was an amazing writer; her ability to craft stories, endings, and messages is almost unparalleled. I really recommend taking the time to read some of her stories.

She was a Catholic living in the largely protestant south in the 20th century. She took her faith very seriously, and her writing usually reflects that. In the works I read, there were a lot of references to faith and bible stories. But it is not presented in an overbearing manner, so I believe readers of any faith can enjoy these stories.

As an academic, you can spend hours analyzing these stories, but they are also entertaining for casual reading. O’Connor is best known for her short stories. Some of the most renowned include “The River,” “A Good Man is Hard to Find,” and “Good Country People.” Plus, you can read each story in a sitting, so this reading can easily fit into busy college schedules.

O’Connor is extremely skilled in crafting surprises and detail-focused writing. So you won’t be bored reading her stories. They will definitely make you think while reading and well after finishing the story.

You can find books that contain a collection of her works, so you have all the short stories at your fingertips. She pushed against the norms as a woman author and a Catholic author in the south, which comes out beautifully in her work. I would argue O’Connor is one of the most talented authors of her time. I definitely recommend selecting Flanner O’Connor for your next reading.

Halie is a junior double majoring in Political Science and Economics. She likes to spend her time watching Netflix documentaries, following politics, and hanging out with her cat Luna. This is her third year writing for UNL Her Campus and her second year as the Campus Correspondent for the chapter. 
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