Unplanned Movie Twitter Controversey

This past week, a new movie from Pure Flix released in theaters around the country. “Unplanned” is a movie based on the true story of Abby Johnson, who turned to the pro-life movement after witnessing the horrors of Planned Parenthood. Like many social-political movies, there was controversy.

The Unplanned movie faced issues with Twitter prior to the movie’s release. Its account was temporarily suspended. According to an article on The Hollywood Reporter, the account was initially suspended because it was linked to a different account that violated Twitter policies. Twitter suspended the account that had the violations and any account linked to it. After the movie’s Twitter suspension Twitters users notified the Twitter company and the CEO immediately, the account was then reinstated. According to tweets from the account, they received thousands of more followers following their suspension.

The Twitter trouble did not end there, unfortunately. Many Twitter users are claiming that after following the Movie’s account, Twitter unfollows them shortly after. The reason for this is still unknown, whether it is unintentional or intentional.

The movie has had other troubles promoting the movie. In another article on The Hollywood Reporter, it states that many television networks refused to run advertisements for the movie due to the “sensitive nature” of the movie. Despite the setbacks from advertising and the issues with Twitter, “Unplanned” has performed higher than expected in its opening weekend and showed in over 1,000 theaters across the country.