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Top Five HGTV Shows

There’s something about watching other people remodel, decorate, or buy homes that is so interesting and fun. It’s almost like I’m living through those people, because I would absolutely love to buy my own home and decorate it however I want someday! Here are some of the best shows on HGTV.


-Flip or Flop

There are a few different versions of this, including Flip or Flop Atlanta and now Flip or Flop Vegas, but the original with Tarek and Christina is my favorite! The couple is sadly no longer together but I love watching re-runs where they seem so happy remodeling homes and making bank together.

-House Hunters

You really can’t go wrong with this one. Sure, it’s basically the same premise every episode, but it’s so much fun to guess which house they’re going to pick (I’m never right).


-Love It or List It

I have to admit, I get pretty annoyed with both Hillary and David in this show and most of the time I want them both to fail, but it’s still really cool to see the transformation of the houses by Hillary, and the new homes that David finds for the family.

-Property Brothers

Similar to most home improvement shows, this one is kept interesting with a sibling rivalry between Jonathan and Drew Scott. They take an old house and make it beautiful; not a new concept, but somehow still very entertaining!


-Fixer Upper

This is by far the best show on HGTV in my opinion. Chip and Joanna are just the cutest and their family is so wholesome. I absolutely love how Joanna designs the homes, and it’s incredible to see how much the houses change!

Liz is a current student at UNL, majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders with a minor in Education.
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